The Dark Army: Uprising is the first half of The Dark Army experience.

If we don't end war, war would end us. - H.G. Wells

Plot Edit

Weeks after the events at Isenstadt, the Office of Secret Actions, or OSA, sent one of their agents to investigate recent Nazi activities in a village in Northern Germany. Two days later, the agent gave info of archaeological excavations and destructive weapons being developed in a underground base near the village. Later, the agent, with help from the Kreisau Circle, revealed that the one who ordered the excavations was Deathshead, who's new goal is to create an army of mechanical super soldiers known as "The Dark Army." And for that, he needs an ancient artifact called "The Dark Relic" in order to make his soldiers invincible. The OSA sends B.J. Blazkowicz to stop Deathshead.

Blazkowicz infiltrates the village, killing Major Amsel and Erik Van Herbert before entering the sewers near the crypt where the relic is hidden. When he goes inside the crypt, he kills the head of the excavation team, Christoph Machtig, but is too late to get the relic as the Nazis already have it. To make matters worse, B.J. gets captured and taken to Deathshead's base where he is tortured by Karl Von Starke, one of Deathshead's assistants, who scars B.J.'s face and orders him to be locked up.

B.J. escapes and shoots his way through Nazi soldiers and Lopers before reaching the surface. On the way to Deathshead, B.J. encounters Karl's brother Wilhelm Von Starke. After an intense shootout involving Lopers and Proto-Soldiers, Wilhelm is killed and B.J. continues to Deathshead's base. When he finally gets to Deathshead, he unleashes one of his super soldiers powered by the Dark Relic. However, B.J. disables the robot while Deathshead goes deeper into the base, possibly setting off an alarm. At that moment, Jack Stone warns B.J. of a mercenary group that infiltrated the base and tells him to escape.

Missions Edit

Part 1: The Village Edit


  1. Reach the main courtyard.
  2. Destroy the gate's generator.
  3. Sneak into the sewers.
  4. Neutralize the radio operator.
  5. Eliminate the chief officer.

Part 2: The Sewers Edit


  1. Disable the alternate security device.
  2. Disable the primary security device.
  3. Find a way to get into the crypt.

Part 3: The Crypt Edit


  1. Sneak into the burial chambers.
  2. Get deeper into the crypt.
  3. Pursue the enemy in the catacombs.
  4. Neutralize the radio operator.
  5. Eliminate Christoph Machtig.

Part 4: The Track Edit


  1. Escape the cell.
  2. Reach the next floor.
  3. Sneak into Deathshead's base.
  4. Neutralize the radio operator.
  5. Eliminate the chief officer.

Part 5: The Base Edit


  • Find Deathshead.

Trivia Edit

  • This mod can be played at day or night.